theresa cascio


Theresa has been at Product for one year and has just completed her first large project.  Originally from the Chicago region, she received her Bachelors Degree in Art History and Italian.  Theresa recently moved back from Austin after obtaining her Masters in Architecture at the University of Texas.  While in graduate school, Theresa worked for the City of Austin in sustainable building standards and traveled to Berlin, Denmark, and London for various studio projects.

Theresa moved back to Chicago to experience the coldest winter in decades.  She has learned about the challenges of building renovation projects and is always excited to gather knowledge about the building process.

Theresa likes her seat in the office because it has great natural light.  Her favorite office activities include designing & detailing millwork, creating renderings of upcoming projects, and the satisfaction of completing a drawing set.  She prefers to work in Revit over Autocad.

Theresa enjoys spending time with her family when they visit her in the city. She is an avid animal rights activist and fosters dogs.  She cites the early works of Adam Sandler and Eminem as being influential on her life.