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Product Architecture + Design is a unique firm with a unique name. The firm was founded by partners Tiffany Nash and Dan Pohrte after working for many years in large firms on large projects with the realization that the process worked best if there was input, continuity, and responsibility collectively for the product.

The model we chose to follow is simple: a small firm that works directly with our clients and consultants in a collaborative environment eliminates the issue of multiple levels of complexity in information exchange. We pride ourselves on direct contact and execution with the entire project team: clients, consultants, municipalities, and peers. This efficiency allows for quick decisions based on a first hand depth of understanding on each of our projects.

We also allow for a degree of change within our process and the projects we produce. We value and seek information and individuals who allow us to create informed environments and ideas. There is no cookie cutter formula for the solution to a specific problem or idea so we work through multiple ideas and medium simultaneously. The teams' first idea is rarely the last, and this evolution within the process makes for a richer result through trial and error. |

We also have fun. We work with a wide variety of individuals on a daily basis who have made our work richer, and for this we are thankful. It makes for better design.